Themed Episode: Games
Dozens - Pinball Mansion (Orange Milk)
$ega & The Rainbow Streets - 想いで100景 (Noumenal Loom)
Bossbattle - Dirty Pots (self released)
Goldberg and the Universe - s/t (Excite Bike)
Mr. Matthews - Competitive Games Of Realness (Trepanner)
Futuresport - White Chimneys (905)
Sam Brown - Wheel Of Fortune (Illuminated Paths)
Battleship - Transhumanist (Car Wash)
Sky Stadium - Cerulean (2:00AM)
Bad Chess - s/t (Moon Myst Music)
Opponents - Psychosexual Spiritual (Out-of-Body)
Discoverer - In Collection (Two Michael Jordans)
Three Legged Race - Rope Commercial Vol.2 (Vitrine)