Premiere: The Binary Marketing Show – Short Term Fix for a Long Time Death
6.7.18 by Gray Lee

“Time keeps on persistently like a child tugging on your sleeve.” So goes the first line of “Daydream (I Cannot,)” off of The Binary Marketing Show‘s latest release, “Short Term fix for a Long Term Death,” a title that is perfectly fitting for this recording – as Portland based artists Abram and Bethany weave a tapestry of field recordings, spiraling synth drones that shimmer and reverberate warmly, and lyrics that are as wistful as they are painful – a blending of peaceful and melancholy thoughts. Fuzzy instrumentations and passages of noise organically punctuate thoughtfully written lyrics, which come about like afterthoughts, hastily jotted on a scrap of newsprint and taped to a dirty mirror.

This handsomely indistinct testimony of the soul, brought to us via Already Dead Tapes, is a powerful addition to Binary Marketing’s catalog, expanding, focusing, and intensifying the musical ideas of their previous release, “Anticipation of Something Else,” (also on Already Dead [AD123.]) “Short Term Fix” is anything but short term. It is a densely packaged audio reliquary which will require repeat pilgrimage to fully plum the depths of. Each poetic chapter of this story is expressed with a bare candor that, at times, seems confessional. “The anger that bleeds from my fist/ is nothing that ever should be missed,”‘ sings Abram, as perky electronic beats and swirling harmonies behind him elevate the track to another spiritual plane.

There is something new around every corner in these ten tracks, including traditional instrumentation of drums, guitars, even banjo – but also featuring electronically driven tones, found sounds, or drone elements. These add an air of mystery and suspense, whether lurking in the background, creating a wider space for the song to form, or occupying all of the foreground, demanding apt attention, as in the track “Tradition” This shifting focus and style builds the depth and scope of the work, providing the listener with a varied sensory experience.

“Short Term Fix for a Long Term Death” is now available for pre-order from Already Dead Tapes here. Tape and vinyl officially enters the world June 29th.