Dante Augustus Scarlatti - Dimensional Synthesis (Auris Apothecary)
Charles Barabé - De la fragilité (Astral Spirits)
Crazy Bread - Vocoder Divorce (Astral Spirits)
Forest Management - Love Manual Vol. II compilation (Plush Organics)
Bridges of Königsberg - Mendacity (4 GRE)
EQ Why - Life of the Why, The Mixtape Volume 1 (Third Kind Records)
Demonator 4 soundtrack (Trash Monger Video)
Edwin Perry Manchester - Hopechest split (Impermanent Project)
Mary Ocher - Faust Studio Sessions and Other Recordings (Related Records)
Malaikat dan Zoo - s/t (Noise Bombing)
Yves Malone - Aced (Baked Tapes)
Tavishi - Dwait (Hot Releases)