The Tuesday Night Machines – Acid Tape

7.6.20 by Matty McPherson

Since I’m not getting anywhere close to Germany in this economy, I have to live out my acid house fantasies with The Tuesday Night Machines’ bluntly titled Acid Tape. A funny lil’ feller, TTNM was on quite the tear last year, making the rounds with a series of consistently shifting tapes that dabbled in drone, ambience, and natural sounds as longform playgrounds to explore the almighty power of modular synthesizers and sidrax organs. In a better economy, he’d be on the front cover of Ambient Monthly! But TTNM is craftier than pigeonholing himself into the ambient market and I’ve got the scoop-he’s pivoting to dance! Perhaps the tip-off came with TTNM’s meta-beat tape for Strategic Tape Reserve or the crunch of Super Dolomiti Crunch, but that’s only a sample of le’ Acid Tape. Armed with just two Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bots and a TT-606 Drum Drone, TTNM ventures into the fried crevices of acid house.

This is an estate that oozes futurism in neon green. The sound is focused upon a minimal, obsessive regiment comprised only of warped n’ giddy high-hats, laseresque bass wobbles, and on one track a good ‘ol fashion modular synth. Yet, TTNM’s DIY-mindset sees through the limits of that mindset, maintaining a lo-fi state of bliss. One like “Death Valley” might start with a simplistic beat before the regiment makes a sudden swap or a bass wobble uproots any stability, leading to greater speed and excitement. Others like “Un Dimanche à la Campagne” uphold a slow n’ steady BPM that is ready made for a beat tape, even though the wobbly yelps of a 303 are the real vocals. Acid Tape lets abstractions take over this regimented sound, turning what could have been a series of pleasant experiments into another rapid-fire ten track odyssey.

Does it lend itself to the dancefloor? Of all calibers including (but not limited to) analog boombox, mental mindset, and philosophical otherworldliness. Would it be wise to place it in my skateboard chase frenzy video? If you video has the budget, “Sloppy Accident” is the cut. Should TTNM be remixing all those DFA 7” from the “Great Dance Punk Frenzy of 2k3”? That’s just my headcanon.

Edition of 20 from TTNM’s personal bandcamp, complete with ACID sticker!

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