Powl Dune – Pattern from Town Beach

12.15.21 by Matty McPherson

Luke Daly’s Powl Dune release is humble in its personal descriptor inside the Jcard of his self-released tape Pattern from Town Beach. “Synthesizer and field recordings.” No more, no less. Yet, the sounds of Powl Dune are moody, ever-shifting knots. Daly’s synthesizer work can bounce between nifty-low ends and subterranean droning (with field recording workcraft lodging itself in-between). Its utilitarian synthesizer work that inspires a litany of those synapses to fire off in your brain. Its track titles–er, lack of them–also indicate full album listening. That’s right, no stops, just drive for 30 minutes to the nearest beach and take in those patterns and loops. And honestly, why not go and take a whiff of the “Pattern from Town Beach”? I hear the weather is still nice this time of year.