Sir Tad – Sir Tad Goes Deeper & Deeper EP

12.23.21 by Matty McPherson

Okay now listen up folks! I know you were all clamoring for Tad, but they broke up years ago. Also, you didn’t really specify which Tad you wanted so I went ahead and booked us Sir Tad of Columbus, OH (aka Meadow Argus (AKA Tynan Krakoff)) for this here shindig. He’s got a cool thing going, lo-fi keys and dubby bass, plus those misbegotten vocals that make it all feel like a washed out Simpson hallmark greeting card you got for your birthday back in 2009 (also, if you still have any money on the circuit city gift card from that…would you let me know?). 

Anyways, Sir Tad is gonna SLAY at the party. I know it’s only a fifteen minute set he’s pulling here, but it should be enough time for like 5 games of musical chairs. Plus, Sir Tad is a bonafide MC now! Haven’t you heard Deeper and Deeper, the opening track on this EP here? He’s practically guiding you through the sheer drop of a comedown, with jubilant keys and meditative vocals that’ll have you all whizzed out for the carnivalesque music box majesty of a “Yucatan Sunshine”. That one stutters in and out so NO CHEATING during that musical chairs game, Jeremy! Afterwards, we’ll “Tie Cord to Racing Car” and try to figure out what day it is, before letting the goofball hit us with the “county fair public domain type beat” of a Great Generic Park. Oh you want an encore? Sir Tad is there to serenade once more with “Deeper and Deeper Pt. 2”, a last meditative breath. I sure hope he comes back with another set for longer soon!

Pro-dubbed C15 cassette with full color double-sided art by Pearl Morgan. Hand-numbered edition of 50. Available at the Sir Tad Bandcamp page.