39thumb1.26.14: Episode #39

Mike runs on 40 hours with no sleep as we kick out the jams from Genetics And Windsurfing, Avian Bones, 555, ((Husband Material)), Nerve Net Noise, Wojtek, {AN} EeL, Spitting Falcons, Bit Shifter, Oubliette, Primate Pyramids, DJ DJ Tanner, DJ Mickey, Former Selves, and Lockbox. We also take (more) unnecessary shots at Steven Hawking, which really isn’t called for. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

38_small1.5.14: Episode #38

First episode of 2014 and it’s definitely a weirdo. Jams from Cotton Candy, Righteous Acid, D/A/D, Siobhan, G Sweems, Fitzroy North, Spaghetti Blacc, Calypso Borealis, Collin McKelvey, Synek, Bobb Bruno, Pak, Marcus Rubio, Flamingo Creatures, and R. Stevie Moore.  [Play] [Download – right click/save]

37_thumb12.8.13: Episode #37

A brief chat about the #TripMetal scandal that rocked the nation, plus some tape jamage from Stare Case, dSCI, John Carpenter & Alan Howarth, Kevolych, Raising Holy Sparks, Decimus, William Clay Martin, Esther Chlorine, Trabajo, ???, Brian Green, Jason Zeh, Stag Hare, Horselover Fats, and Givan Lötz. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

36_thumb11.24.13: Episode #36

We check in with Chris Jacques from Dub Ditch Picnic/Prairie Fire Tapes who’s in the hospital after a major car crash and play some cassettes from Oaken Tower, Kisses, Witchbeam, Selaroda, Lougow, Shooting Guns, Star Turbine, Loftmind, Katie Gately, Nigro, Yvette, Astral Social Club, and Ssleeperhold. There’s also some discussion about Weekend At Bernie’s III if anyone from Hollywood is listening. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

35thumb11.9.13: Episode #35

We break in a brand new tape deck with cuts from Tetrahominoid, Luxury Elite, Karen Novotny X, Radio Shock, Dylan Ethier, The Kendal Mintcake, Hong Chulki + Aaron Dilloway, Cloud Destroyer, Sawi Lieu, Tom White, Floating Gardens, Ingen Nära Gudar, Idpyramid, Rangers, Mhzesent, and Woven Skull And Core Of The Coalman. Enjoy! [Play] [Download – right click/save]

34_thumb10.12.13: Episode #34

Not only did we eat a huge, disgusting bucket of french fries and oil (mostly oil), we managed to play cassettes from Circuit Rider, Alberich, Beaunoise, Schimpfluch-Gruppe, Triangulum, Digital Natives, Bataille Solaire, Helel Dalkiel, Amalgamated, Maruice’s Hotel Death, Galloping Shadow, Mundo Animal, DSR Lines, Trepaneringsritualen, Mole People, and Ala Vjiior. I’m sure we didn’t pronounce ANY of that correctly. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

ep33_thumb9.29.13: Episode #33

A discussion of cans, canners, and cassettes with jams from Holly Waxwing, Yard, The Smoke Clears, Collapsed Arc, Holger Adam, Posture, Beard Closet, Gated, Der Einzige, Roadside Picnic, Nocht the Only Ghouls, Letna, The Rainbow Body, Millipede, and Calidonia County. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

32_thumb9.15.13: Episode #32

Some technical bungles and tapes from Unguent, Pink Chunk Jazz Band, Bitchin Bajas, Baculum, Sensum and Clunch, Airsports, Prism House, Embarker, Gareth Flowers, Hering und seine sieben Sachen, Shredderghost, Kösmonaut, and Oxykitten. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

31_thumb8.31.13: Episode #31

Post VOV episode. We play tapes from Filth Beast, Millions, Steve Hauschildt, Headboggle, Telecult Powers, Quicksails, Joey Molinaro, John Olson, Ironing & Hal McGee, Moth Cock, Shingles, Tusco Terror, and a few conversations recorded at the fest with Josh Millrod, David Suss, Witchbeam, Ben Billington, Chris Donofrio, and Moth Cock. [Play] [Download right click/save]

30_thumb8.4.13: Episode #30

Jams from Fairhorns (Deathbomb Arc), Boss Battle (Apt.421), Christopher Merritt (Orange Milk), Hybrid Packaging (Belch Kitchen), Aaron Sheppard (Dub Ditch Picnic), Giant Claw (Field Hymns), Form A Log (Ranky Tanky), Obsidian Pond (Jehu And Chinaman), Vibrating Garbage (Tumeric Magnitudes), Black Baat (Mistake By The Lake), Spectral Park (Crash Symbols), sink\sink (Already Dead), Falcony (Vwyrd Wurd), Burro (USSR), Nautilus (Meudiademorte), Prism Corp (Beer On The Rug), Mezzanine Swmmers (Already Dead), & Datashock (Meudiademorte). [Play] [Download right click/save]