PODCAST 12.9.18

Chainfight - 1992 (Dead Gods)
Pajjama - Womb (Orange Milk)
Metoronori メトロノリ - メトロノリ works '14​-​'18 ペール (Orange Milk)
Bromp Treb - split w/ Fritz Welch (Timesuck)
Coteries - Consumption (Dead Gods)
Personal Bandanna - [sic] (self released)
The Tuesday Night Machines - Hawaiian Yurt Music (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Missing Foundation - World in Chains (Baked Tapes)
Scant - Shivers (Dead Gods)
evolv - Formlessness (Flag Day Recordings)
Andy Loebs - About Me (Terry Tapes)
Grant Evans - Ephemerals (Park 70)
Sniveling - Devaluation (Dead Gods)
ullnevano x illien rosewell - Confidence is Everything III (Already Dead Tapes)
Marc Aubele - Sport (Ingrown Records)
Teuthis Galore - I Smell Voices (Lurker Bias)


PODCAST 11.11.18

Shells - Another Time (Unifactor)
Nervous Operator - Incoherent Reflections (Lapsed)
Mudd Corp - Oh. Snap. (Third Kind)
The Royal Arctic Institute - Russian Twists (Rhyme & Reason)
Anthéne - Reflections in Dust (Muzan Editions)
John Coltrane Quartet - Live at the Half Note (Audiofidelity Enterprises)
Tiger Village - Tact (Orange Milk)
Housefire - Electrode To Joy (Hot Releases)
R. Stevie Moore - Kaffeeklatsch (OJC)
Brian James Griffith - Inner Work (Histamine)
Zherbin - Perehod (OTA)
Windy Boijen - Vintage Cartoon Improv (Ephem Aural)


PODCAST 10.28.18

Howie Pyro - Intoxica Radio: Halloween Special (Origin Peoples)
Black Givre - Errance et mépris (La Cohu)
Apeface - Ape No More (Hand'Solo)
garish_cyborg - hBON (Kill Ego)
Magic From Space - 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 1 (Ingrown)
tape000 - chasing windows (OTA)
Reak Indonesian Trance (Tingo Tongo)
Adderall Canyonly - Lucid in a Wasted Way (Null Zone)
Bonnie Baxter - Ask Me How Satan Started (Hausu Mountain)
Yuto Ohashi - Juvenile - insubstantial, re​-​present - (Cudighi)
Story Teller - The Stubborn Organic Emblem of... (ADAADAT)
Daniel Bachman & Matthew Sage - Low in the High Desert I & II (Patient Sounds)


PODCAST 10.14.18

Dimitar Dodovski - Paleopop (Become Eternal)
Ebauche - Formic Syntax (Cosmic Winnetou)
Bedroom - Moons (Fluere)
Emerging Industries of Wuppertal - Traditions from a Vestigial Intranet (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Fitness Instruktör - These Carbon​-​Composite Poles Are Made For Walkin' (Strategic Tape Reserve)
The Tuesday Night Machines - These Carbon​-​Composite Poles Are Made For Walkin' (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Proven Recordings - Dubs Vol. 1 (self released)
Nick Hoffman - Baroque Classics (For Electronic Oscillators) (Pilgrim Talk)
Smith Comma John - Watch A Man Die Trilogy (self released)
Jarvis Probes - Something About Hands (Wolves Productions)
Jardín - Butaca (Freaks)
Life Education - Psychic Yeoman (Null Zone)
German Army - Kowloon Walled City (Null Zone)


PODCAST 9.16.18

Marsha Fisher - Dosed Modular Synthesizer... (self released)
Marsha Fisher - Dead Maze (self released)
Budokan Boys - That's How You Become a Clown (Tymbal Tapes)
More Eaze - a l4ngu4g3 (Tymbal Tapes)
Memories Of... Lake Nabugabo (self released)
Phono Ghosts - Photons in Fashion (Fonolith)
Suko Pyramid and moduS ponY - Echolalia (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Mukqs - Slug Net (Unifactor)
The Sheen - Trash Hazard (self released)
Aether Jag - The Universal Veil (Hot Releases)
Shone Furcottes - Feral Dog Mother (Timesuck)


PODCAST 9.2.18

Dante Augustus Scarlatti - Dimensional Synthesis (Auris Apothecary)
Charles Barabé - De la fragilité (Astral Spirits)
Crazy Bread - Vocoder Divorce (Astral Spirits)
Forest Management - Love Manual Vol. II compilation (Plush Organics)
Bridges of Königsberg - Mendacity (4 GRE)
EQ Why - Life of the Why, The Mixtape Volume 1 (Third Kind Records)
Demonator 4 soundtrack (Trash Monger Video)
Edwin Perry Manchester - Hopechest split (Impermanent Project)
Mary Ocher - Faust Studio Sessions and Other Recordings (Related Records)
Malaikat dan Zoo - s/t (Noise Bombing)
Yves Malone - Aced (Baked Tapes)
Tavishi - Dwait (Hot Releases)


PODCAST 8.19.18

Tired All The Time - Be Well (Flag Day)
Lycia - Wake (self released)
Check!!! - Blue Twenty-Seven (Blue Tape)
Tax Slayer - The Grandeur Of 10,000 Lakes/Hide In Plain Sight" (self released)
Satanic Panic '81 - The Sacrifice Hunter (Amperical Recordings)
Varsity Voltz - Academic Probation (self released)
Rod Hamilton & Tiffany Seal - Enchanted Forest (self released)
Kenji Kihara - Scenes Of Scapes (Inner Island)
Druids of Huge - Baldwin (Baked Tapes)
Cube - Wet Housing (Anathema Archive)
Rayphaze - Wobbler (((Cave)) Recordings)
Elkhorn - Lionfish (Eiderdown)


PODCAST 7.22.18

Vincent Remember - Culture Vulture (Bedlam Tapes)
Sparkling Wide Pressure - In the Stream (Quiet Bedrooms)
M. Sage - Astrolabe (Noumenal Loom)
Space-Saver - Save Yrslf (self released)
Krümel - Gravewave (Discrete Spectrum)
Mondo Lava - Ogre Heights (Hausu Mountain)
Alpha Mound - Dvahla (Tape Lamour)
Yves Malone - The Most Of What You Need Is All You'll Ever Have (Third Kind)
Elma - Child in the Closet (Cudighi)
Estlerot - Ciseaux (Herhalen)
Matchess - Trilogy (Trouble In Mind)
Arthur Dent & Deeper Than Space - Drift (Bonding Tapes)