LASERFOCUS_THUMB5.24.17: Laser Focus #15: Dinzu Artefacts

We tried to prank call Joe McKay over at Dinzu HQ, but his fridge really wasn’t running. Instead we spoke about the depths of earnest ambient portraits, found sounds, and hygienic concrete styles that his new label Dinzu Artefacts has been leaking into the wild. [Check It Out]

lf142.27.17: Laser Focus #14: Oxtail Recordings

Oxtail Recordings is a relatively young label but, in just a few years, have released a couple dozen impressive cassettes with a heavy fixation on glossy sounds and an ever-expanding aesthetic. The label’s top chef Mike Nigro stopped by Tabs Out HQ to talk shop, drink homemade brown ale, and play some cassette tapes from the Oxtail library. Specifically by Nigro, Andreas Brandal, Cenote Glow, Shingles, Maharadja Sweets, Primitive Fiction, and Glass Frog. [Check It Out]

laserfocus_thumb9.20.16: Laser Focus #13: Poor Little Music

Robbie Michalchuk has been hanging out in Brantford, Ontario, dubbin’, cuttin’, foldin’, and stuffin’, raising the tiny noisebaby he named Poor Little Music into the weirdo eight year old it is today. We talked about growing up in the middle of nowhere, Muppet Babies, and playing noise in a bar called Rodeo. Tapes by Hunting Rituals, Wasteland Jazz Unit, Lidless Eye, and more. [Check It Out]

lf122.11.16: Laser Focus #12: Excite Bike

We talk with Dan Dlugosielski about the genesis of Excite Bike, his assimilation into the Michigan noise scene, the death of the label, the birth of a new one, NES, ICP, etc… Features tapes by Mossy Throats, Birmingham Drains, Body Morph, Marinara Cooler, and more. [Check It Out]

lf1110.24.15: Laser Focus #11: Patient Sounds

Operating out of Chicago, via Colorado, Patient Sounds has been putting out whatever pleases its little heart since 2009. We talked with label head Matt Sage about the importance of physical music formats, the unique offerings from his label, and rice pudding. Tons of rice pudding. [Check It Out]

laserfocus107.15.15: Laser Focus #10: Joe Bastardo

In addition to running the Moss Archive label, Joe Bastardo creates sonic offerings alone and with pals as Bastian Void, Homeowner, Looks Realistic, and others. He’s currently on tour with Sam Gas Can. For this hour-long episode, Bastardo talked to us about about synths, The Goonies, and, of course, tapes. [Check It Out]

laserfocus94.3.15: Laser Focus #9: Baked Tapes

We talked with Jesse DeRosa of Baked Tapes about some cool stuff, neat stuff, and slick stuff. Bust mostly raw stuff. We also played a bunch of tapes from the likes of Grasshopper, Good Willsmith, Slasher Risk, and so much more. [Check It Out]