1.20.13: Episode #19

Loads of cassette racket from Lidless Eye (Null Religion), Housefire (Headway), Ape!, Lafidki (Orange Milk), Duo Dentale (Knife In The Toaster), Chris Dadge (House Of Alchemy), Aloonaluna (Watery Starve), Amalgamated, Foodman (Orange Milk), James Fella (Holy Page) , The Transplant Mountain (House Of Alchemy), Hexbreaker Quartet (Dokuro), Jungle Heart (Cae-Sur-A), and Chainfight (Nurse Etiquette). Also a surprise visit to the studio. [Play] [Download right click/save]


1.13.13: Episode #18

Episode #18 is ready to check. Solid jams from New Age Hillbilly (MT5), Pak (Eggy), dsic (Rano), Fletcher Pratt (Dub Ditch Picnic), Jason E. Anderson (Discriminate), Matt Carlson (Discriminate), Plankton Wat (DNT), Lake Mary (Planetd), Jeremy Kelly (Sweat Lodge Guru), Kosmonaut (Ethereal Mother), Emuul (No Kings), Dinner Music (Bathetic), The Marshmallow Staircase (Summersteps), and Parashi (House Of Alchemy). Also way too much talk about poop for my liking, but what are you gonna do? [Play] [Download – right click/save]

tranquility-150x150Episode #16 | 12.08.12 | Bastion Void, Blues Control, Pleasure Island, Super Minerals, Cenote Glow, Thou, Liveshitbingepurge, Former Selves, Red Red Ruby, Jonathan James Carr, Mike Shiflet, and an interview with Ryan McGill (Afterlife) and Franklin Teagle (Afterlife & Tranquilty Tapes) [Play] [Download right click/save]

Tranquility Tapes Sampler | Thoughts On Air, Imperial Topaz, Event Cloak, Confused Kundalini, Andreas Brandal, Glass House, Big Sky, Subtle Body, Ghostrider, Afterlife [Download]

Episode #15 | 11.13.12 | THEMED EPISODE: The Body | Lungwash, Vestigial Limb, Torture Corpse, Original Tongues, Spine Scavenger, Reverse Mouth, Controlled Bleeding, Bones of Seabirds, Melvins, Wet Fur, Second Family Band, Nova Scotian Arms, and Hair Police [Play] [Download right click/save]