Glou Glou – Fey Flight Founders
4.15.16 by Mike Haley

glou glou

Full Spectrum is an outstanding label. Anyone who thinks otherwise has gravy for brains. One releases from their stacked catalog that really sticks out for me is “Hymn Her Hum” by Glou Glou. I had not heard anything from or about the Glou Glou duo previous to that 2014 releases, and had not heard anything since. So the arrival of their latest alliterated tongue twister, “Fey Flight Founders”, was a more-than-welcomed surprise.

Gretchen Jude and Arjun Mendiratta. Those are the humans behind this magnetizing Bay Area two-piece. An open air recording gives their already temperate sounds an even deeper organic glaze on this hour long, single session cassette. Lustering violin and vocal drones shiver, balloon out, and maneuver through wayward zones of knob swiveling. Brief patterns emerge, but the Glou Glou modus operandi is a random and chill one. Accidental, adventurous rambles through misty holograms. Skipping stones on frozen lakes. Cicadas as house pets. And minimal. Very minimal. There are moments when it seems that one (or possibly both?) of the crew dip out for a brief recharge or plate of spaghetti or something. They recover from each respite and continue their hunt for austere sound souvenirs. It made me feel good. I believe it will make us all feel good.

Glou Glou’s relaxed, indica sound fragments are perfectly coupled with equally serene, new age artwork by Gretchen Korsmo. Pick up one of the 50 copies made by Full Spectrum ASAP.