Cabo Boing – Blob On A Grid
4.25.17 by Mike Haley


It’s understandable to wonder, perhaps at length, what alternate plane of existence “Blob On A Grid” leaked from. Surely it wasn’t created in this one. Yet it was, that is precisely Haord Records‘ bag after all. From the totally bugged-out assortment on their “Haord’s Bunchla” compilation to the sugary peculiarity of Macula DogJimmy Sanchez & His Crystal Balls, Jake Tobin, and others, Haord have been turning over rocks in caves and climbing to the top of the tallest truffula trees in search of audio extraordinariness. Their latest disclosure is a dozen bounca-whirl songs from Cabo Boing.

If Mark Mothersbaugh had the gumption he would have made “Blob On A Grid” years ago, and it would have soundtracked many a Pee Wee’s Playhouse episodes. Not a single second of it’s eccentric no-wavery antics wouldn’t cozy right up on Chairry’s fluffy cushion. That is fact, not opinion, and in no way open for debate. In reality it was made by Brian Esser of the synth duo Yip-Yip. If we are being honest with each other, and I think we should, I like it much better that way. Splashy imagination is smudged wall-to-wall, no way cowering in the corner, playing coy, only poking out every now and then. It is on full display – nay – on overload. These tunes are dayglo and chafed from perpetual movement. As each track ends, sometimes in under a minute’s time, quick contortions take place so the next can unload it’s enthusiastic energy. Unabashed friskiness scampers into perplexing modes, all pitched-vocals and jagged electronics jerking in unison, backlit by colorful, dynamic textures ready to tweak at a finger’s snap. Get happy.

The visual presentation is a foolproof manifestation of the audio, one that I mentioned here.  I shan’t bore you any longer with details. You should be buying a copy of this now!