Euglossine – Coriolis

1.23.19 by Ryan Masteller

What were you even doing in science class anyway – sleeping, doing your algebra homework, standing in your open bookbag while your teacher’s head cocks confusedly and eyes narrow in bewilderment in frustration? All of the above? I was listening, paying attention like my life depended on it – and for all I know it does, sometime in the future – and sitting at my desk like a regular person without any weird personality glitches. Unlike Phil in his bookbag over there!

Phil always made me laugh.

Anyway, Euglossine, aka Tristan Whitehill, aka “Gainesville’s finest,” has been studying up on physics, reading a little bit about “Coriolis” and its attendant “Effect,” applying what he’s learned to a guitar-based tropicalia mélange that’s as refreshing as the breezes I’m about to discuss. See, turns out that if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, the rotation of the Earth causes moving objects – in a practical sense, weather objects, like clouds, winds, etc. – to the right, but if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, watch out! Those same objects will move to the left. Check out Wikipedia if you don’t believe me. Who needs textbooks?

As is his wont, Whitehill treats his guitar gently, caressing it, and also using synthesizers and saxophone (I’m guessing – who knows what’s real anymore!), caressing them as well, whispering romance through his fingers and across the frets, over the keys, dancing in the moonlight of a tropical shore. The Coriolis Effect causes the rainbow ribbon of his heart (and tape cover) to gently drift along with the ocean breeze TO THE RIGHT, because this is the Northern Hemisphere after all. Sand and surf and suntan lotion scents drift along the shoreline, and various margarita-based cocktails are served by indigenous crustaceans. Crabs mostly. Very helpful crabs, always slightly listing to the right…

Beautiful work as always by Mr. Euglossine. Pro-dubbed blue C37 tape with black imprints available at Hausu Mountain. Drops February 15, but Max and Doug are PROMISING the tape will ship “on or around January 23.” That’s a PROMISE! For now you can stream “Daylight,” though.