3 Cherries – s/t

2.20.19 by Ryan Masteller

I’m a two-cherry 🍒 man myself, what with all the Pac-Man, so imagine my surprise when 3 Cherries burst upon the scene with their self-titled cassette tape on Asheville, North Carolina’s Terry Tapes just a week ago (depending on when you read this)! The trio (duh) features TT stalwarts Andy Loebs, Cole Kilgo of Gabor Bonzo, and Devin Lecroy, so basically you’re just going to just have a serious blast with this six-song EP as you load up your cassette deck for your latest Friday-night danceathon. No word as to whether Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are going to show up.

Doesn’t matter. If you’ve checked out Andy Loebs’s “About Me” or Gabor Bonzo’s “Wad,” you’ll know just what to expect with 3 Cherries. More 1980s throwback synth prog, perfect for the Pac-Man or sci-fi/fantasy movie enthusiast in your life (like me), “3 Cherries” finds the gang slingling pads and patches, with an assist from Loebs on drums. And there’s more than just cherries on this menu! There’s also tot-chos (“Tot-Cho Cup”) and ice cream (“Mr. Ice Cream”), which combined make for a balanced diet, so says the current USDA food pyramid, brought to you by Monsanto, Coca-Cola, and Halliburton. Regardless of your dietary predilections or restrictions, you should have no issue dousing yourself in maraschino syrup and doing the mashed potato while this sweet thing plays in the background.

Cassette available from Terry Tapes in an edition of 50. Do you like fun? You do? Then you should get one of these, otherwise your fun intake may be deficient (again, USDA statistics).