Fuck Lungs – 2TH

8.22.19 by Ryan Masteller

The Fuck Lungs guys – Curt Oren and Joe Hess – are tricky. If you don’t keep your eye on them, they’re bound to come up with something so outlandish you’ll wish you’d have kept that wandering eye firmly on the duo instead of letting your gaze drift to the bird that’s hilariously picking at the remnants of a hoagie underneath a picnic table. And while we all love a good hilarious bird to divert our attention from the horrifying shitshow that is Modern Life, we can’t get caught in the trap of distraction, we can’t lose ourselves in nothingness when there’s so much more somethingness going on around us.

Speaking of distraction, where was I? Oh right – “2TH” is pronounced “tooth” and is about a particularly nasty visit to a rogue dentist.

No it’s not.

If you HAD kept your eye on Oren and Hess, you’d have noticed that every single track on “2TH” is a cool two minutes. That’s in keeping with Fuck Lungs’ exploration of “twos, duos, and pairs” on this thing, which they recorded with a timer on the wall counting down exactly two minutes. So what do they do with their bunch of two minuteses? Whatever they want, homie! Noise rock, experimental jazz, “Judgment Free Jazz,” noise, no wave, all (well, mostly) delivered with deafening intensity. It’s only when they pull back to engage in some intricate noodlery that they don’t pound you in the face with whatever’s going on in the current two minutes. 

These guys are all over the place. They will help you expand your horizons. 

Oh! Fuck Lungs ITSELF is a duo! Gosh, that really blows my mind…

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