Libythth – A Serious Glompotch

2.7.20 by Mike Haley

I’m not sure how to pronounce Haord. My instincts tell me to go with /hôrd/, like hoarder, or a better comparison: like Hoarders. I don’t want to pile on the poor folks that appear on that reality show, they are honestly going through dark struggles and need help, but in addition to the possible pronunciation relationship, both Haord and Hoarders share a passion for some twisted-ass anxious damage. With one it’s hazardous stacks of empty Meow Mix bags and broken VCR’s and jugs for peeing in. With the other it’s the audible equivalent.

So when I heard that Haord was up from their year-long nap with some new releases I was like “cool!” This label’s discography can tie the listener in knots. Libythth (I don’t know how to say that either but I think it’s like a labyrinth except scarier) is participating in that tradition with “A Serious Glompotch.”

Seth Cooper (hey, I CAN pronounce that! Look at me!) is the person twisting up the mutant pretzels here, and has been for a reported 25 years. The tunes on Glompotch are loopy, goopy, and not easy to predict. Cooper’s synths are a skittish group that act on pure impulse. They belch up knee jerk giddiness before looking around and wondering “where they h*ck are we??” Lost in a libythth (a scary labyrinth most likely home to goblins) with moldy guitars and candy-stained drum kits, the entire gang makes the best of this Sid-and-Marty-Krofftian fantasyscape. No, actually, they thrive in it. Personally, I would panic in this environment. We are in a zone that is too surreal for Hoarders, too Haord for reality. Cooper apparently has the map to this place.

Welcome Haord to 2020, and transport yourself to whatever year Libythth resides, by purchasing this C50 pro dubbed high bias cassettes (blue) edition of 100.

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