Marsha Fisher (Gay Hippie Vampire / Activated Skeleton) drops by.

Dear Laika - Pluperfect Mind (Memorials of Distinction)
Stress Orphan - Raid (No Rent Records)
Forbes Graham - Solo Horn (Soundholes)
Caveman Coming - The Sparkle Cave (Ephem Aural)
Jackson VanHorn - A Silent Understanding (Already Dead)
Imaginary Softwoods - So Extra Bronze Lamp (Mineral Disk)
Modern Lamps - Lucid Cartography (Hooker Vision)
Longmont Potion Castle - 19 (D.U. Records)
Gay Hippie Vampire / Activated Skeleton
Avant-Bird - split w/ Avant-Bard (Gay Hippie Vampire)
2 Dads 2 Sons Emoji - Gayest (Gay Hippie Vampire)
Kaorinite - Romance Under the Moon (Gay Hippie Vampire)
Marsha Fisher - split w/ Nodolby (Activated Skeleton)