Tabs Out | Episode #177

Jen Powers and Matthew Rolin stop by to talk about taking over Astral Editions.

Bataille Solaire – Documentaries (Constellation Tatsu)
Shredded Nerve – Performer Death I (Dead Gods)
Blind Date – Internegative (Dead Gods)
bleed Air – Time, Ferocious (superpolar Ta├»ps)
Bang! Bros – Hard Rocks Vol.13: 3rd Degree Birthday (No Basement Is Deep Enough)
Ohyung – Imagine Naked (NNA Tapes)
Carol Genetti & claire rousay – Live at Elastic Arts (Astral Editions)
J.R. Bohannon – Compulsions (Astral Editions)
Montgomery and Turner – Sounds Passing Through Circumstances (Astral Editions)