Territorial Gobbing – Hot Singles in Your Area

7.26.22 by Jacob DeRaadt

New loops that are strange attempts at noise pop songs that were slowed down via reel to reel and fed into the dub zone, even though this is not a dub record. Fuck that’s a stupid sentence of nothingness, isn’t it? A tape that wouldn’t find itself out of place in the Chocolate Monk or Mang Disc catalogs is presented by FTAM Productions, a process of sound that is abrupt, raw, comic industrial cut up record loops that keeps delivering grooves one could hear on a Violent Onsen Geisha album. Even with all these name checks I made to give you an idea of where this album is coming from sonically, it’s not another supermarket level sonic irritant. Hot Singles in Your Area is the real good shit you get in an alleyway in the dark.  

Second side has some toasting vocals over records skipping for a song or two. Another song has deteriorated mechanical rustiness at the forefront of the sound. The pause button gets used to full effect on another song as balloon rubbing sounds interact with tape scratching off awkward time signatures. This one made my dog turn her head several times and that’s a good sign, folks. Styrofoam and glass shards making a stinging salad of tense pull and push anti music. Some sounds recorded from the next room over, jumping around different acoustic spaces from one phrase to another. A repeat listener for me. One of the best things I’ve heard this year.  Grip it, ya goons.