Tabs Out podcast are 100% free to listen to, and thank you for doing so! It does however cost a bit of money on our end to do them. Things like replacing / upgrading gear, website hosting, etc. It adds up. If you would like to throw some bucks our way to help out that would be very VERY much appreciated! Here is what you can do to help out:

You’ve probably noticed those banner ads over there on the right hand side of the site. If you’d like to get in the rotation just get in touch and we’ll work out some terms. We are easy going dudes, so I’m sure we can figure something out that works.

We also offer episode sponsorships with “commercials” at the start of the show.

Get in touch to talk about either one! Email:

You can also donate through Paypal. There are three two different options of doing so:

1. Normal Bias Donation: Make a one-time donation in any amount of your choosing. For this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Please note though, you don’t get any Tabs Out Releases.

2. High Bias Donation: Set up a recurring monthly donation of $2 and do so far as long as you’d like. You’ll get free digital downloads to all future Tabs Out Releases while you’re donating, but please note: you don’t get any actual tapes.

3. Chrome Donation: Set up a yearly donation of $50. In return you will get, in addition to our eternal gratitude, four cassette tapes limited to the number of Chrome Donators (and the artist’s copies) per year. Each tape will be an exclusive release, personalized, and come with a free digital download. You should also expect random goodies from time to time. US donators will get a tape every few months. International folk will receive a bundle at the end of the year. To see what releases have come out, and what is planned, check out the Tabs Out Releases page.

Use these handy dandy Paypal buttons to hook it up! Email with any questions.