radioshock9.7.13: Cassette Store Day Reissue Tutorial

One man hero holds the secret to making your very own Cassette Store Day reissues, and he’s telling all. [Check It Out]

iso9.3.13: The Isolatarium – A Novel By Brad Rose

When you have as much on your plate as Foxy D’s Brad Rose simply reading a book is an accomplishment. He wrote one, and it comes with a killer soundtrack. [Check It Out]

31_thumb8.31.13: Episode #31

Post VOV episode. We play tapes from Filth Beast, Millions, Steve Hauschildt, Headboggle, Telecult Powers, Quicksails, Joey Molinaro, John Olson, Ironing & Hal McGee, Moth Cock, Shingles, Tusco Terror, and a few conversations recorded at the fest with Josh Millrod, David Suss, Witchbeam, Ben Billington, Chris Donofrio, and Moth Cock. [Play] [Download right click/save]

tapeofthemonth_augustthumb8.24.13: Tape Of The Month – August 2013

Looking for some intense jams to blast out the window and freak out the kids at the bus stop? C.Reider’s got what you’re looking for with “Hold Music”. The tape of the month for August. [Check It Out]

30_thumb8.4.13: Episode #30

Jams from Fairhorns (Deathbomb Arc), Boss Battle (Apt.421), Christopher Merritt (Orange Milk), Hybrid Packaging (Belch Kitchen), Aaron Sheppard (Dub Ditch Picnic), Giant Claw (Field Hymns), Form A Log (Ranky Tanky), Obsidian Pond (Jehu And Chinaman), Vibrating Garbage (Tumeric Magnitudes), Black Baat (Mistake By The Lake), Spectral Park (Crash Symbols), sink\sink (Already Dead), Falcony (Vwyrd Wurd), Burro (USSR), Nautilus (Meudiademorte), Prism Corp (Beer On The Rug), Mezzanine Swmmers (Already Dead), & Datashock (Meudiademorte). [Play] [Download right click/save]

micro_thumb7.31.13: Hal McGee Presents The Museum Of Microcassette Art

Hal McGee wants you to celebrate the microcassette and be part of his museum. [Check It Out]

duets_thumb7.30.13: Video Preview Of “Duets II” Compilation + Win A Copy

Tranquility Tapes is putting out a follow up to last year’s “Duets” compilation. We got a sneak peak of it, plus a chance to grip a copy for free. [Check It Out]

tapeofthemonththumb7.22.13: Tape Of The Month – July 2013

To go along with this ridiculous summer heat is a straight b-u-r-n-e-r from Fairhorns on Deathbomb Arc. July’s Tape Of The Month. [Check It Out]

tweets_thumb7.15.13: Ten Tweets About Cassette Store Day

Yes, there is going to be a Cassette Store Day and we compiled list of our ten favorite tweets about it. [Check It Out]