tranquility-150x150Episode #16 | 12.08.12 | Bastion Void, Blues Control, Pleasure Island, Super Minerals, Cenote Glow, Thou, Liveshitbingepurge, Former Selves, Red Red Ruby, Jonathan James Carr, Mike Shiflet, and an interview with Ryan McGill (Afterlife) and Franklin Teagle (Afterlife & Tranquilty Tapes) [Play] [Download right click/save]

Tranquility Tapes Sampler | Thoughts On Air, Imperial Topaz, Event Cloak, Confused Kundalini, Andreas Brandal, Glass House, Big Sky, Subtle Body, Ghostrider, Afterlife [Download]

Episode #1 | 03.17.12 | Robert Turman, Expo 70, Door, Skully, Telecult Powers & Bob Bellerue, Andreas Brandal, Developer, Growing, and a telephone call to Witch Beam. [Play] [Download right click/save]