4.4.17: Czaszka
CZSZ011: Tereshkova “Porta” C60
CZSZ012: Fischerle “Post-functional Dub Objects” C24
CZSZ013: JESSOP&CO. – “A Perfect Example of Dislodging” C62

Tabs Out | Unguent – Simulation Of A Bat Engulfed In Acid

Unguent – Simulation Of A Bat Engulfed In Acid
3.30.17 by Mike Haley


I haven’t watched an episode of Fraggle Rock in a few decades, so I had to hit up MuppetWiki for a reminder of what those tiny green worker things were called. My guess was Goobers, but I knew that wasn’t right. Doozers is what they are called. In case you need a refresher, or have never seen Fraggle Rock before, Doozers are an all-work/no-play race of 6″ tall creatures heavily invested in the field of construction. They spend their days building structures out of Doozer Sticks (thin, transparent rods made of radish dust) that the Fraggles can’t control themselves from eating, which is a total dick move when you think about it for a split second.

I bring that up because “Simulation Of A Bat Engulfed In Acid”, the new C40 by Unguent on Refulgent Sepulchre, sounds like it was made by Doozers. Getting past the clear shell, obviously fashioned from Doozer Sticks, the sounds are totally Doozerish. You’re immediately nudged and pricked by a shoveling of pint-sized zaps, most of which existing only to sting your tush then belly flop back into the couch cushions. At times it’s almost a menacing experience, like… Why is this tape doing this to me? Basically a random splurge of circuit shoving that sometimes sounds like the tape is shaving itself into ribbon. The only breather from that pixel blast is when the bloops and screeps gang up to create spurts of gummy patterns; Doozer dance-off’s possibly? I don’t know, but I like it a good deal.

It should be noted that this tape was NOT created by Doozers, but instead a Philadelphian by the name of Lance who also runs Refulgent Sepulchre. Lance was kind enough to make 100 copies of  “Simulation Of A Bat Engulfed In Acid” and a few other killer releases, all available here.

3.27.17: Lighten Up Sounds
LUS-103: Goblintropp “Tunnels Under The Forest” c44
LUS-105: Jason Millard “Tall Reeds” c34 / 8 track cartridge
LUS-105: Jason Millard “Tall Reeds” 8 track cartridge