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5.16.13: Cassette Entertainment Systems

Auris Apothecary released NES soundtracks on cassettes because they are obviously geniuses. We had a few words to say about it and want to know what other soundtracks you’d like to see released. [Check It Out]


4.25.13: Tape Of The Month – April 2013

We’re starting to get-brews-on-the-front-porch weather, so we need new brews-on-the-front-porch music. This Horsehair Everywhere jam on Goldtimers will do just fine, and is our tape of the month for April. [Check It Out]



The first year of the Tabs Out podcast has provided us with many opportunities to mispronounce names and we’ve jumped on every chance. Here is a 10-minute montage of us doing just that with an intro from Brad Rose. [Check It Out]


3.11.13: Cassette Players – Photos And Text From Auctions And Sales

The last 50 years has provided humanity with a multitude of cassette players. Gabe Holcombe wants to document all the ones people are trying to get rid of. [Check It Out]