7.7.13: Find Buddy, Win A Jump Rope Tape!

The Jump Rope “Hemp Breaker” C38, a collab between Grasshopper & Roped Off, will be ready this month and we are giving away one copy for free. [Check It Out]

29_thumb7.6.13: Episode #29
In a belated celebration of our nation’s birth we play only the most patriotic of cassettes with classic American hits from Mace. (Further), Ecstatic Cosmic Union (Eiderdown), Pharmakon (Chondritic Sound), Youth Grip (Ascetic House), Gnome | Adze (Headway), Looks Realistic (Constellation Tatsu), Asymmetry (Kuunpalvelus), Terlu (Dept), Dozens (Cave), Knækkede Stemmer (Nostilevo), M. Sage (Moon Glyph), Daniel Fromberg (GSR), The Rita (Total Black), Trails (Spirit Cat), Strange Mountain (Lillerne), and The Slasher Film Festival Strategy (Mirror Universe). [Play] [Download right click/save]


6.25.13: Tape Of The Month – June 2013

Tons of burners this past month. This debut release from Tether on Dokuro Records is one we think you need to check out and is our Tape Of The Month. [Check It Out]

28_thumb6.22.13: Episode #28
Dave premiers his new mustache/soul patch combo (NSFW) and we play cassettes from Latelatelatenight (Rotifer), Tether (Dokuro), deLarge, Massprod (Further), Sterile Garden (Dumpster Score), Flesh Coffin (Prairie Fire) , Bary Center (Headway), Occasional Detroit (Dog Daze), Mark Bradley (A Giant Fern), Cody Yantis (Sunshine Ltd), Indian Weapons (Sunshine Ltd), Husher, German Army (Dub Ditch Picnic), Daniel Bachman and Ian McColm (Feeding Tube), Microfl▼rscnce (Patient Sounds), Jailbird (House Of Alchemy), and Outer Space (A Soundesign Recording) [Play] [Download right click/save]


6.17.13: Watery Starve – Making Of A Butterfly Batch Video

In this short video Lynn Fister goes over the process of assembling her unique tape art for Watery Starve’s ‘Butterfly Batch’. [Check It Out]


6.15.13: A Chitchat with Derek Rogers + Stream An Unreleased Track

Derek talks about collaborating, Tilda Swinton, and tells a bad joke or two in what he didn’t know right away was even an interview. You can also stream an unreleased Derek Rogers & R. Lee Dockery jam. [Check It Out]


6.8.13: Sample Tabs Out #2 – Jump Rope “Hemp Breakers” C38

The second release in the series of cassettes for people who make Chrome Donations to Tabs Out will be a Grasshopper + Roped Off collaboration project called Jump Rope. We put up a sample and some info on how you can get it. [Check It Out]