bathetic thumb5.13.14: Bathetic Has Created A Monster

Dynasty at Ghost Town is a massive 11 cassette batch, or single comp, depending on how you look at it. [Check It Out]

hooker vision thumb5.8.14: Double (Hooker) Vision

The first couple of Hooker Vision cassettes in a year are en route to your ears. [Check It Out]

moonmist thumb5.6.14: Scope Some Rare Moons

If you looked out of your browser window tonight you may have seen the very rare occurrence of Moon Mist. [Check It Out]

abrada thumb5.6.14: Abrada Improv Adventure

Francesco de Gallo and Piotr Kurek make impressive first impressions. [Check It Out]

45thumb5.3.14: Episode #45

Join us on our journey through adult cookies, Mr. Pillow. and some dope cassette tapes. Jams this time around by Tredici Bacci, Joshua Dumas, Disguised As Birds, David Neil Adams, Olli Aarni, Carey, Ames Sanglantes, Seth Graham, X.Y.R., Kenny Basil Sound System, Good Willsmith, All Earz, Bikini Kill, Social Junk, and Andrew Anderson. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

foodman thumb5.2.14: Foodman “How”

Noumenal Loom is gearing up the latest release from Foodman! Stream the track “How” to get a taste. [Check It Out]

cassettefest-thumb4.30.14: Austin Cassette Fest

Celebrate cassette culture, Tejas style, at the inaugural Austin Cassette Fest . [Check It Out]

bluethumb4.28.14: Plains Druid Wants You To Get Lost

Pack a bag and grab a sonic map for Blue Tapes’ brand new 2+ hour sound adventure. [Check It Out]

digital_thumb4.20.14: Three Shits From Digital Natives

Housecraft #150 is a severely limited, three hour, multi-cassette jamola only available from one spot. [Check It Out]

44thumb4.18.14: Episode #44

After much delay episode #44 is up. Mics came unplugged, we called the pizza joint we go to over an argument about sauce placement, and played tapes by Black Unicorn, Broken Key, Charles Barabé, Negative Energy, Blackhoods, Yom San, Symbol, Tlön, Ghost Dudes, Endless Bummer, Mads Emil Nielsen, Zaimph & Yek Koo, Reebok Occult, Sugarm, and Matt Boettke. [Play] [Download – right click/save]