pnr_thumb4.18.14: Poet Named Revolver – Meets Gruesome

Ian Franklin illustrates the benefits of pulling a quick grip on No Kings 50th release. [Check It Out]

whohas84.15.14: Who Has Tapes Anymore? #8

Mike & Ian lavish praise on some of their recent cassette favs by Dane Patterson, Jeremy Bible, Gemany Army, and others. [Check It Out]

rtc_thumb4.14.14: Richmond Tape Club

Preview tapes coming out tomorrow, and the ones already available, on this RVA outsider-sounds series. [Check It Out]

NAC_3-Panel_JcardTemplate_FRONT4.10.14: Jerry Paper And Andy Boay To Split A Cassette

This will surely be an impressive tape, but do you have the time for it right now? [Check It Out]

charlesthumb4.5.14: What A Load Of Shit

Charles Barabé dove into a pit of internet comments for a track on his latest cassette. Stream the track and read a list of every comment included. [Check It Out]

nigro_thumb4.3.14: Introducing Mope Lounge

Stream the new Nigro / Endless Bummer split C32 and get your synth and Charles Manson fixes in one fell swoop. [Check It Out]

LASERFOCUS_THUMB4.1.14: Laser Focus #5

The fifth episode of our Tiny Mix Tapes show Laser Focus is with Cleveland noiser Andrew Kirschner about his label Mistake By The Lake. We chatted about the label’s past, present, and future, pooping in bags, and jammed tapes by OPN, Dilloway, and more. [Check It Out]

ldethumb4.1.14: Spring Action From Los Discos Enfantasmes

LDE exits winter hibernation with a stupendous batch of cassettes from the likes of Maurizio Bianchi, Bob Bellerue, and more. [Check It Out]

brompthumb3.31.14: Once, Twice, Three Times A Bromp Treb

Listen to these three new Bromp Treb tapes, then buy them. Okay? Okay!? [Check It Out]

who has tapes anymore tumb3.24.14: Who Has Tapes Anymore? #7

Our latest round up of recent cassettes we’re smitten with includes synth baths from Jeremiah Fisher, Matthew Akers, and Jung An Tagen, harsh realms by Surplus Killing, En Nihil, and Forza Albino, and a bunch in between with thoughts from Mike, Ian, and John. [Check It Out]