ajthumb2.11.14: Anthony Janas’ Funny & Pretty Modular Musings

Catholic Tapes breaks their year long silent treatment with an outstanding tape from Anthony Janas [Check It Out]

40thumb2.8.14: Episode #40

Guest tape slinger Ian Franklin sits in for episode 40 while we crank cassettes from Knit Prism, Somnaphon, Bastian Void, Obscure Lupine Quietus, Columba Fasciata, Long Distance Poison, Silver Casket, Friesen/Waters Duo, Son Of Dad, A Snake In The Garden, Grant Evans, Sparkling Wide Pressure, Juche, Order Of Nine Angels, Scratch And Sniff, and Ryan Harris. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

juniorthumb2.5.14: Check Out Junior Pande’s Red Tape

Stream and check the handmade packaging of Justin Peroff’s fourth tape in four years on Spring Break [Check It Out]

tapeofthemonth_thumb1.27.14: Tape Of The Month – January 2014

The new ((Husband Material)) tape on Patient Sounds is one that can really bring home the bacon, truly provide for the family, and our January Tape Of The Month [Check It Out]