LASERFOCUS_THUMB2.3.14: Laser Focus #4

Ben Billington, Andrew Scott Young, and Mike Forbes aka Tiger Hatchery aka The Best Band In The World took some time out during their recent tour to stop by Tabs Out studios and shoot the shit about weed, scrambled eggs, and cassette tapes [Check It Out]

tapeofthemonth_thumb1.27.14: Tape Of The Month – January 2014

The new ((Husband Material)) tape on Patient Sounds is one that can really bring home the bacon, truly provide for the family, and our January Tape Of The Month [Check It Out]

39thumb1.26.14: Episode #39

Mike runs on 40 hours with no sleep as we kick out the jams from Genetics And Windsurfing, Avian Bones, 555, ((Husband Material)), Nerve Net Noise, Wojtek, {AN} EeL, Spitting Falcons, Bit Shifter, Oubliette, Primate Pyramids, DJ DJ Tanner, DJ Mickey, Former Selves, and Lockbox. We also take (more) unnecessary shots at Steven Hawking, which really isn’t called for. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

vennrain_large1.11.14: Venn Rain “New Found” Video

Venn Rain has a tape coming out on Sacred Phrases next week and a plush video to preview it. [Check It Out]

crider_thumb1.9.14: Circuit Rider Next Up For Tabs Out Donation Series

We’ll be finishing up our first year of donation series tapes with a C36 from Circuit Rider and got a track for your ear holes. [Check It Out]

gutter_thumb1.8.14: Strangeness, Obscurities, And Low-Brow Filth On Audio Cassette

New label Gutter Corpse looks/sounds/is awesome. [Check It Out]

honeythumb1.7.14: New Honey, Tapes Out On Constellation Tatsu

Ooh, baby, CTatsu likes it raw / New batch is the bee’s knees / A third raw honey pun [Check It Out]

LASERFOCUS_THUMB1.6.14: Laser Focus #3

In the latest installment of Laser Focus we interview Seth Graham & Keith Rankin, play a few Orange Milk jammers, and make/drink some orange milk (don’t try it at home). Also, think you can tell OM’s artwork apart from old video game artwork? Then take the challenge fool! [Check It Out]