6.8.13: Sample Tabs Out #2 – Jump Rope “Hemp Breakers” C38

The second release in the series of cassettes for people who make Chrome Donations to Tabs Out will be a Grasshopper + Roped Off collaboration project called Jump Rope. We put up a sample and some info on how you can get it. [Check It Out]


6.8.13: Episode #27

Episode #27 is a go. John Pyle sits in for a four-man session. We announce the next Tabs Out chrome donators release, play a couple of the NES cassettes on Auris Apothecary (Mega Man II & Skate Or Die), and other awesomeness from Pruitt Igoe, Astro Zwo, Paul Hares, Maharadja Sweets, Hostage Pageant/Skin Graft/Plague Mother collaboration, Daniel Higgs, Mr. Matthews, Cadaver in Drag, Shapednoise, Justin Meyers, Rake Kash, PLKZFX, Aaron Dilloway, Robert A.A. Lowe, and Moulttrigger and Hal McGee. [Play] [Download right click/save]

label roundup thumb

6.1.13: 2013 Mid-Year Label Roundup + Sampler

There are a bunch of amazing cassette labels right now, so we thought we’d take this half-way point of 2013 to talk about nine of our favorites. There’s also a sampler of some of their recent and forthcoming offerings. [Check It Out]


5.30.13: We Added A Message Board

We put up a forum to talk about tapes, the podcast, and related stuff. I’m sure people will just use it to argue and complain about stupid shit, so sign up before it gets taken down!

union pole

5.25.13: Ah Dude, We’ve Got A Lot Of Tapes

Hey! 90’s cassette label Union Pole made their entire cassette catalog available for download. For a dollar. [Check It Out]


5.21.13:This Just In (And We’re Back)

Cassette label Teflon Beast is starting a podcast dedicated to brand new ha-ha, huh?, and general novelty music on tape. [Check It Out]


5.19.13: Episode #26

Episode #26 all set. We talk a bit about the Auris Apothecary NES cassettes and play cuts from Magic Nanna, Dave Orders a Pizza, Cremator, Ma Turner, 10-20, TVO, Seed Melodies, Iasos, Phork, Radio People, Reviver, Prada and Oregon, Gripgevest and Kling, Cray, and Transfixed Movement. [Play] [Download right click/save]

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5.16.13: Cassette Entertainment Systems

Auris Apothecary released NES soundtracks on cassettes because they are obviously geniuses. We had a few words to say about it and want to know what other soundtracks you’d like to see released. [Check It Out]


5.3.13: Meals On Reals – Recipe Tapes From SicSic

“Traveling musicians need to eat, promoters need to COOK.” We talked with SicSic Tapes about Recipes – A Kitchen Tape Series. [Check It Out]