3.17.13: Episode #23

The One-Year Anniversary Show! Cake and cassettes from Robert Turman, Gut Nose, Royal Tropical Institute, Teamm Jordann, Merzbow, Ala Vjiior, Roman Cross, Wolf Eyes, Tiger Village, Swamp Leather, Material Sequence, Jeph Jerman & Greg Davis, The Haters, Sundrips, Daniel Wyche, Regress, and Imaginary Softwoods. (note: the sundrips & imaginary softwood tracks got switched during the usually flawless post-production phase of the show) [Play] [Download right click/save]


3.11.13: Cassette Players – Photos And Text From Auctions And Sales

The last 50 years has provided humanity with a multitude of cassette players. Gabe Holcombe wants to document all the ones people are trying to get rid of. [Check It Out]


3.3.13: Episode #22

In a Tabs Out exclusive we reveal the identity of Noise Park. We also play a ZX Spectrum video game cassette and other jams from Alan Gesso, Giant Claw, Raw Thug, Somnaphon, Potpourri, Deadmoths, Orchard Thief, Bang Bros, Ouxatil 95, Abortus Fever, William Clay Martin, Pierrot Lunaire, Charles Barabé, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Birds of Passage. [Play] [Download right click/save]


2.26.13: Sample The Afterlife, Bedroom, Roped Off Collab CS

We put up a sample of the first Tabs Out subscription tape. It is going to be a C22 collaboration between Afterlife, Bedroom, and Roped Off that was recorded in Wilmington, DE late last year. This cassette is going to be limited to artist copies and for those who make a Chrome donation. So do it up if you wanna grip it! [Play]


2.17.13: Episode #21

In Episode #21 Dave discovers, and becomes utterly obsessed with, the ZX Spectrum computer console that loads video games from cassette tapes (mind blown).  We also played a few tapes by David Lackner, Kayaka, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Datashock, Winter Line, Time Life, Rough Fields, Keep Sheila on Acid, Sean Connolly, Nigro, White Reeves, Dads Against Vietnam, Ambrosia(@), and Moulttrigger. Enjoy! [Play] [Download right click/save]


2.3.13: Episode #20

Episode #20 not only includes Dave regaling us with tales from the NBA Jam Wikipedia page, but cassettes from Imperial Topaz (Tranquility), Tad (DNT), Grapefruit (Golden Cup), Belarisk (NNA), Sashash Ulz (Lighten Up Sounds), Special People, Planets Around The Sun (Eiderdown), Henry Dawson (Orange Milk), Gold God (Space Slave), Moth Cock (Hausu Mountain), Drowning The Virgin Silence (Cae-Sur-A), Andrew Scott Young (Baked), and Brian Green (A Giant Fern). [Play] [Download right click/save]


1.27.13: Tape Of The Month – January 2013

We’re Introducing a monthly feature highlighting a recently released cassette that we think you should grip up. Starting things off is Lafidki’s “Absynthax” C30 on Orange Milk Records. [Check It Out]