Tabs Out | Moon Lagoon – How Do I Get Out Of Here

Moon Lagoon – How Do I Get Out Of Here
2.24.16 by Mike Haley

moon lagoon

The enticement game begins right out of the gate with Moon Lagoon throwing charms into your eyes via a handsomely designed silk screened Jcard, textured stickers on the shell, and the shell itself glitterfied in a way once reserved for homophobic presidential candidates. Thankfully, the audio end of “How Do I Get Out Of Here”, A C50 released on the in-n-out of hibernation imprint 5nakefork, hovers in an equally majestic zone.

Moon Lagoon, who resides in Wichita, Kansas, deals in lo-fi, stained glass music. Sounds that blend and whirl into an adventitious psychic experience. Enduring beats plant themselves deep in the steady-pulse sound-ooze of guitar vaccinations and kaleidoscopic flecks while drones crackle under a layer of beauty. This is the farthest thing from open heart surgery. Moon Lagoon participates in holistic efforts. Like acupuncture, each passing second is a casual pin prick. A 24 hour, all you can eat endorphin buffet with a soft-serve machine at the end of the line. The cover art features a vintage deep-sea diver jettisoned into an ocean of swirls and zig zags, a decent analogy for the relaxed, regret-free distraction you’ll find yourself submerged in.

“How Do I Get Out Of Here” is limited to 54 hand numbered copies and available at the 5nakefork 5tore.