Tabs Out | Interlaken – Versaux

Interlaken – Versaux
4.19.17 by Mike Haley


You may be familiar with Chris Donofrio from his solo work as Reviver, or as a member of the duo Arabian Blade. For his debut cassette under the moniker Interlaken, Donofrio has traded in nightmare crunch for marshmallowy patience. “Versaux,” a C30 which is also the debut release for German label Seil, is glazed over with this newfound ambiance, a slow-swishing liquid of sound.

Side A is the calmer of the two. The handful of tracks that make it up maintain a fleecy flow over their 15 minutes. Cashmere patterns layer and web together with a relaxed consensus. No shimmer or gleam attempts to outdo another. They are all total buds that really want to share space on the magic carpet that is being weaved. Side B leans slightly into a zone of more spirited¬†maneuvers, but remains absolutely chill. It opens with a sound mandala swirling around persevering thumps before offering up a an extra crispy synth fantasy, full of illuminated sequences and bassy, jutting tones. While those two cuts don’t exactly sport the same waxy patina as the earlier¬†songs, they still feel right at home. A foggy, evaporated soundscape, as if someone dubbed a dub of a dub of a slowed down version of the Twin Peaks theme song, takes us out of the Interlaken experience. And here we are, left wanting more.

copies of “Versaux” were dubbed up and available from Seil Records.