New Batch – Constellation Tatsu
5.25.18 by Gray Lee

The Constellation Tatsu Spring Batch has arrived. Another solid stack of compelling soul journeys.


PURR 0090: Alex Crispin – Open Submission
This release is comprised of stylish ambient jams recorded with various instruments, but with a consistent method. Each composition is a singular, clear instrument weaving a meandering melody over a bed of hazy ambient synths and drones. The reverb-laden electric guitar of the title track, floating cloud-like organ passages like those of “Pharoah”, and complex synth compositions all work together to form a cohesive whole.


PURR 0091: Chihei Hatakeyama – Scene
Ghostly and haunting ambient works mesh diaphonous drones with heavenly tones to create eerie inner landscapes somewhere between this world and the next. Hovering frequencies shimmer in moonlight before disappearing into shadow. Each composition is its own microcosm, floating through cool, quiet spaces.


PURR 0092: Endurance – Shade Terrarium
Described as ‘Music to heal imaginary persons,’ each of these selections is a dense, careful exploration into the unknown. Every droning note is a suspicion, every distant piano key a question mark. This is music created to simultaneously solve a mystery and create one.


PURR 0093: Lunaria – Ascension Now
Applying spiritual terminology to ambient releases is nothing new, but in this case, the title is everything. Half of this release is a steady climb into mystical realms above the clouds. The other half, a life lived in that transcendent place. This is music for cleansing, healing, reconnecting. There are no sharp edges. All is light.


Grab all four tapes in C Tatsu’s spring batch for $16ppd in the US.