The Tuesday Night Machines – WÆVER

10.2.19 by Ryan Masteller

The Tuesday Night Machines are playing a dangerous game. This “WÆVER” tape, so self-released that they drew on the tape itself with a Sharpie, wants to drag you under the surface of the ocean. Imagine that! Under the surface of the ocean, where you can’t breathe and the pressure will crush you if you go down too far. I won’t even get into encounters with giant squid, sea serpents, krakens, and “Abyss” aliens. It might scare you away from “WÆVER” for good.

It shouldn’t. The Köln-based artist (that’s Cologne in English, by the way) doesn’t want to hold your head under – this whole trip’s only available if you want to go on it. But if you can imagine the intensity of the sound of whatever in your ears as you hover submerged hundreds of feet down, you’ll already have prepared yourself for the full impact of “WÆVER.” “A continuous ambient drone and noise music release,” “WÆVER” was created “entirely on an AE Modular Synthesizer,” and if you know anything about synthesizers, they can pretty much synthesize anything. (Except a sandwich. Oh god, how I’ve tried, though!) 

And while “WÆVER” is fully impacting your senses, it’s also got some “multi-dimensional disorientation” going for it, messing completely with your equilibrium. I swear, the first time I came up from this TNM experience, my inner ear was all out of whack for weeks. But it was fine because it had also given me a kind of natural high, a pleasant warm sloshing that also stuck around for weeks. Imagine the boardroom hijinks that ensued at with me in that state! Oh, if only I had taken some photos.

Anyway, look, if you want to do any of this, there were only 25 of these made to begin with, and only 7 remain on the Bandcamp page. What are you going to do?