4.28.13: Episode #25

Food & Beer themed episode! Tasty treats from Foodman, Soup Purse, Zach Troxell (from a tape on Pizza Night), Edibles, Spinal Honey, Cow, Sugarm (from the tape “Wasted”), Budweiser Sprite, Rambutan, White Meadows (from the tape “A Time For Drunken Horses”), The Nevari Butchers, Sheldon Siegel (from the tape “Three Euro Breakfast”), Elfenbeinturm (from the tape “1982 – Pizza, Beer, and Smokes”), Workin’ Man Noise Unit (from the tape “Drinkin’ Stella To Make Music To Drink Stella To”), Ghostfood, and an interview with Dan Rizer (Budweiser Sprite). Bon app├ętit! [Play] [Download right click/save]