Pay The Rent – Soft On Glass
5.12.16 by Mike Haley


Have you ever listened to a cassette and thought that it should come with two hammocks. One for you to relax in until your earthly body eclipses and becomes pure energy, and another hammock for the energy? I take by your attempt to close out this tab that you have not, and that’s fine. You just haven’t heard this new ambient banger from White Reeves Productions: Pay The Rent’s “Soft On Glass”.

Pay The Rent’s “Soft On Glass” is a liquefied bliss. A candied concoction of striking synths, lush as h*ck guitar, and drones. Drones that cascade down the pews of a very large, showy church. They move reservedly, like fog. Guitars bellow from the ornate rafters in outstretched waves, their origins cloaked. The stone queue of creepy, blood stained statues that line the walls sorta sway and throb along with the crystal clear keys. Like the rafters, the music on “Soft On Glass” is, in a way, also sort of ornate. Maybe “ornate” isn’t the right word. Flowery. It’s flowery. It wants to be seen. And it does so in servings much, much smaller than it’s dashing, relaxed kin tend to. Instead of playing the long game, Pay The Rent is all about making a show of itself in rather short jaunts, then doing the quick move on. Get baked, pop on this tape, and watch a documentary about bees on mute to taste the honey. This is the life and Pay The Rent stings. Buzz buzz.

The 20 minutes of “Soft On Glass” flies by, but each track is an impressively defined, mini-miracle. Pete Mudge, John Kasunic, and Mike Kasunic is a very tight trio. You should buy their tape and see for yourself.