Jeff Daily, the dude behind the Austin, Texas cassette label Teflon Beast and frequent reviewer over at Cassette Gods, is working on a new bozo-style podcast that should have it’s inaugural episode up sometime next month (with your help).

The show, This Just In (And We’re Back), is going to concentrate on “funny, novelty, and just plain weird/humorous music on tape”. Not so much weirdo classic finds or thrift store scores, though if they fit the show they wont be turned down, but the main focus Daily is after is people creating new material to play on the show. Like all good ideas, this one was burrito based.

“One afternoon I got a text from a friend, Ted, who had this vision whilst eating a particularly spicy burrito. He started singing of spicy times. He’s in a duo called Plastic Uno (band). The two guys have been recording weird songs for a decade and I wanted to gather other weird tunes.”

Jeff is going to assemble all of the jams and curate the show, but says the hosts will be ever changing and anonymous. Dude used the word “enigma”, so it should add an extra layer of zoinkerness to it all.

For info on submit something for the show you can email teflonbeast at gmail dot com with the subject line “Podcast”.

Here are five of Jeff’s favorite “novelty” jams for inspiration. Watch, enjoy, and get to work!