Nick Hoffman – Baroque Classics (For Electronic Oscillators)
10.17.18 by Ryan Masteller

If you have kids, you’re probably familiar with Baby Einstein’s “Lullabye Classics,” a compilation by the Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra designed to get your youngsters to sleep properly (as well as to promote healthy brain growth). I still have a copy of that thing, even though my son’s way too old for it. He’s more into the Astral Spirits catalog right now, just like his old man. He’s also seven.

One thing I am NOT crappin’ you negative about is this new “Baroque Classics (For Electronic Oscillators),” which is also something you can play your kids to promote healthy brain growth. Or your adults. Anybody, really, can enjoy the classical strains of Bach or Scarlatti or Handel as programmed and arranged by Pilgrim Talk label head Nick Hoffman and performed by, wait for it, electronic oscillators. See? Not a ridiculous and annoying harpsicord played by a wig-wearing buffoon in sight!

I’m really kidding about all that, you know, because I’m a worldly man, a man of particular tastes, a dabbler in culture, a bon vivant. So it is that the strains of Hoffman’s oscillators perk up my mental faculties, and I find myself exclaiming to strangers I meet in the library and on college campuses and in fancy hotel lobbies that “Baroque Classics (For Electronic Oscillators)” is just the most DELICIOUS cassette recording. Then I order a brandy wherever I am, and I am stupendously ignored.

Don’t YOU ignore “Baroque Classics (For Electronic Oscillators),” available from Pilgrim Talk in an edition of 80 copies!