Tabs Out | moduS ponY & VLK – split

moduS ponY & VLK – split

2.4.19 by Ryan Masteller

This cassette is evenly divided. Perfectly. Right down the middle. On one side, the white one, Strategic Tape Reserve stalwart moduS ponY brandishes multiple implements of sonic construction, combining them in unusual and powerful ways, sometimes like weirding weapons in “Dune” (but not dangerous). Strategic Tape Reserve stalwart VLK eschews Sean Hannity and Avril Lavigne samples for the red side, drawing on a much more democratic array of sound sources and matching moduS ponY’s side vibe for vibe in a true spirit of camaraderie.

Yeah, yeah: this is a two-tone cassette.

What we do know: Sound files shot back and forth across the internet, from California (moduS ponY) to Cologne (VLK) and back, serving as inspiration and source material for this split. Nevermind that hackers can totally rip through your computer system with malevolent code and steal these brilliant ideas – the two intrepid artists threw caution to the wind. With moduS ponY you get a surreal instrumental slurry, both acoustic and sample-based, sounding exactly like what you would imagine something like “Black Lasagna” sounds like: meaty, dark, confusing, dystopian, and ultimately satisfying. VLK shakes a “Mario Party” jar until all the candy comes out, variously colored, tactile, smooth, generous, “Dizzy.” Disorienting? Sometimes. Who the heck is laughing on “Gallic Shrug”?

What we don’t know: What “Adriatic ports,” “gymnastic displays of groinal flexibility,” and “low-temperature banana confections” really sound like – no point of reference. Although I can guess on the flexibility one, what with my all-star levels of athletic ability.

This gnarly split comes in an edition of only 22 from Strategic Tape Reserve, so act fast, or I’m gonna email you and call you dumb to your face!