Burnt Probe – Corresponding Exits

6.4.19 by Ryan Masteller

I can’t keep UP with this! German Army is, like, the most prolific experimental artistic force out there, even more prolific than Merzbow probably (*Citation needed), and the sheer volume of releases is almost impossible to pin down. And just when I think I’m out, that I have time for a breather, there’s a new package at my door, a delivery of like five new things they’ve put out over the past few months. I swear to god, if the GeAr dudes were anything other than supremely awesome all the time, I wouldn’t write about them so much. I guess we’re all lucky that they’re supremely awesome.

Look at me, complaining about a wonderful gift. SMDH (Shaking Merzbow’s Damn Head).

I mean, this isn’t even a GeAr joint, although Peter Kris is fully onboard. He’s joined by Adam Bellhouse as Burnt Probe, and the two of them get to shredding every electronic component in front of them in no time flat. Scorching the earth with their industrial-bordering-on-techno rhythms and scored and blackened source material, the duo barrels through nine jacked-up, postapocalyptic tracks, most of which, surprisingly, should serve to get your booty moving in some sort of capacity. But it’s like the “Terminator” future out there, all dystopian and junk, and the psychological damage wrought by the sonic terrorism matches the carnage of our future.

Or, as a wise Black Lodge denizen once asked, “Is it future, or is it past?

Maybe it’s present. Oh crap!

I’m going down in the fallout shelter. I suggest you get to yours. Thanks, Burnt Probe, for ruining my picnic.

Buy one of these beauts from Madriguera.