Borokov Borokov - Sampler Platter Vol.1 compilation (Cudighi)
DVD Fair - Sampler Platter Vol.1 compilation (Cudighi)
Bonnie Baxter - Axis (Hausu Mountain)
Knablinz - The Conference compilation (77Rise)
OJ Son - The Conference compilation (77Rise)
Relatively Clean Rivers - s/t (bootleg)
Billy Synth - Music is Forever (bootleg)
Antony Widoff - Disposition (Full Spectrum)
Severino Pfifferling - Musik für Spülmaschine und Synthesizer (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Új Bála - Lobban (Jollies)
Qualchan. - Goodbye To All That (Houdini Mansions)
drrreeems - Bless Vol. 3 compilation (Inner Ocean)
American Ninja - Bless Vol. 3 compilation (Inner Ocean)
Turning - s/t (Fluere Tapes)
Buck Young - Buck II: Where Do You Want It? (No Rent)