Pepper Mill Rondo - It's Christmas Time! (Hausu Mountain)
mystery tape???
Crazy Doberman - Weight Testing on Rotten Load Bearings (Baked)
Cremator - Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (Field Hymns)
Debby Friday - Bitchpunk (Deathbomb Arc)
German Army - Salary of Stagnation (Cønjuntø Vacíø)
MAbH - On Being Pollinated (Third Kind Records)
BAHV - s/t (Euth Group)
Devin Bateson (with Manolis) - Conversational Relaxation (self released)
Budokan Boys - Dad is Bad (Baba Vanga)
Lena Tsibizova - 3rd Track (Baba Vanga)
Maharadja Sweets - Something's Been Lost (Orange Milk)
Network 34 - demo (self released)
Spazz - Sweatin' to the Oldies (Grind Today)