Headboggle - Polyphonic Live: LA/SD (Red Tape)
Kevin Drumm & Adam Golebiewski - The Last Minute Or Later (UZNAM)
Kortiko - Decomposition (Space Lounge)
The Tuesday Night Machines - Roof Tent Rhythms (Strategic Tape Reserve)
43 Odes - s/t (Eiderdown)
Claire Rousay - Friends (Never Anything)
Atlantis Morrissey - split w/ Millions (Oxtail Recordings)
Alien Trap Lords - 3L3M3NT 115 (Hand'Solo)
Vyto B + Mazes - Gridlock (Sanzmat International)
Post Moves - No Dignity In Haste (Obsolete Staircases)
The High Sheriffs - s/t (Garden Portal)
Boy Sets Fire - 4 song demo (self released)