Shelter - Attaining the Supreme (Equal Vision)
Larry Wish & His Guys - Musical Insect Digital Insect (Never Anything)
Eszterhas - split w/ Mr.DougDoug (Interesting Tricks)
Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou - Vol 1 Anou Malane (Sahel Sounds)
Patrick R. Pärk - Multiverse Waveforms (Frequency Domain)
Joshua Fit For Battle - demo (self released)
The Hell Hole Store - Three the Hard Way (Already Dead)
Nostrum Grocers - s/t (Ruby Yacht)
German Army - Animals Remember Human (Crash Symbols)
Plant Lab - s/t (Crash Symbols)
Ylang Ylang - Interplay (Crash Symbols)
Pulse Emitter - Calming Winds ( Muzan Editions)
Moon Ra - mUSICA iN dIFFERENT iNUTILI sERVICES Vol.1 (Unifactor)
Merzbow - An Evening of Serious Noise (Statutory Tape/RRR)