Weaving – s/t

6.30.20 by Mike Haley

Listen, I’m not gonna sit here and tell you all to “chill out.” You kidding me? There’s a Great Unchilling going on, work to be done, etc. So I wont outright say to you the words “chill out.” Nah, that won’t happen. But maybe I’ll casually slide Weaving’s self-titled, self released cassette tape in your deck. Maybe I’ll hit play. Then perhaps I’ll sorta disappear from the situation like a ninja, something I am certainly capable of doing, as your body enters jelly-mode.

[seconds later]

… Did you even notice I was gone? Are you already under the influence of the chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill??

Weaving is womb-to-tomb zoned on this sucker, and I assume more than pleased to pull a grip of listeners into the occupation. It’s not a salvo of balmy soundscapes, though they do make up a portion of what goes down here. To some of you ‘channel surfing’ will be a reference equally as hazy as the psychedelics on this tape, a tape which channel surfs between atmospheric guitars to Mario Paint bloings and sproings to wee subtle sound manipulations and warbled frequencies. BUT ALWAYS CHILL!! I can’t make that clear enough. #chill

You should grab a lawn chair, give it a once over with bleach wipes, and allow yourself to be in that lawn chair for Weavings work, soaking in a responsible amount of sun. Allow the durable beats that Weaving keeps in rotation to hijack your pulse as radio signals veer and slither. We don’t have time to worry how Candy’s secret mission went (that will make sense about half way through side B) we only have time to chill. Then it’s back to UNCHILLING, comrades.

Besides a very rude request to PLAY AT MAX VOLUME (I don’t even know who this Max Volume is) Weaving’s s/t tape is a good-time-smash-hit, baby. Pick it up!