Sunwatchers - HausuLive 1: Sunwatchers at Cafe Mustache 4/13/2019 (Hausu Mountain)
Nuvolascura - s/t (No Funeral)
Form A Log - Bird Time (Refulgant Sepulchre)
Oathbreaker - Rheia (Deathwish Inc)
Andrew Weathers Ensemble - The Thousand Birds in the Earth... (Full Spectrum)
Steve Horelick - Buchla Now compilation (Ultra Violet Light)
Looks Realistic - Field Footage (Baked Tapes)
Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze - Offerings of Flesh and Gold (Tridoid)
The Mild - Left to Starve (Dullest)
Sangam - Soul Generator (Display)
Thoughts on Air - split w/ Background Character (Low Orbit)