Free Magic Show - Polymorphous (czaszka)
Quest Master - The Twelve Castles (Out of Season)
Sam Goldberg - Ode to the Diamond Shiners (Pizza Night)
Pagan Hellfire - At the Resting Depths Eternal (Tour de Garde)
Charles Barabé - Le cycle de l'instabilité (Never Anything)
Heavenworld - Born to Heaven, Forced to World (Crippled Sound)
Max Zuckerman - The Corner Office (Galtta)
Leah-Peah - Stray Dog Volume 2 compilation (Oxen)
Cernunnos Woods - Forest Anthology (Dark Art Productions)
Beyt Al Tapes - Degendt (Beartown)
Violet Cold - kOsmik (Tridoid)
Clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned (Sub Pop)