Tabs Out | Episode #167

Anthony Saunders and J Soliday stop by to play our (fan favorite) Tape Label or Weed Strain quiz.

Shingles – I Want To Get High / Because I Got High (Baked Tapes)
Fuck Lungs – 2th (Already Dead)
Turner Williams Jr – Seasonal Séance: Vernal Equinox comp (Sweet Wreath)
Skunk Ape – Ground Hums (Drongo Tapes)
Hypertrophy – Sarcoplasmic / Myofibrillar (self released)
Nite Lite – Marlene (Stunned Records)
Personal Bandana – This Time It’s​.​.​. (Woodford Halse)
Knox Mitchell – split w/ Interstates (Etc.) (Green Records and Tapes)
J Soliday – Garble Blox (Traced Objects)
João Orecchia & Sicker Man – Pluton/Neptune (Other Electricities)
Nate Trier + Encym ‎– New Anight (self released)