Keith Rankin pops in to discuss the undeniable sexual tension of his new Giant Claw recording.

Giant Claw - Mirror Guide (Orange Milk)
Portal - Seepia (Darkness Attacks)
Repulsar - Fungal Hallucinogens Send Cicadas on Sex Binges After Their Genitals Fall Off (Stucco)
Duro Double Life - Psyched for the Yin-Yang (Haord)
Cacero Lazo - love in the time of lowercase (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Zac Davis - The Land Of The Sinking Sand (The Gift Of Music)
Torben Ulrich & Lori Goldston - Oakland Moments (Obscure & Terrible)
Jonathan Snipes - Mope (Deathbomb Arc)
Umbra & sZARSz - split (Crash Symbols)
Les Filles de Illighadad - s/t (Sahel Sounds)
Compactor ‎– Hold Music (Waste Management)